My Teenopoly



This will be an area for students to discuss what they think about the game. They will share experiences about times when they have needed money and what they have done about that. They will share their opinions about debt, student loans, and consumer culture. There will be moderated questions to promote further discussion and to assist students to delve deeper into higher level thinking about the topic of financial literacy.




When was the last time you spent more than you should have? What happened afterwards?


What is more important to you: having the newest gadget or having a gadget you are familiar with?


When is it ok to borrow money? What type of scenario would be wrong to borrow money for?


The goal for this section will be to help students engage with their peers and discuss topics of financial literacy. Studies show that 66% of students prefer not to talk about finances with their friends - this electronic outlet will serve to facilitate a safe and thoughtful environment to promote relevant discussions for youth.


Professionals in the financial field can also serve as guest moderators. They can answer direct questions from young people on a variety of financial topics and steer the conversation in productive directions.


Blooms Taxonomy - Teenopoly

Source - Bloom's Taxonomy