Download additional resources or customize the resources to suit your needs. All resources are distributed with a creative commons licensing (please read license details before downloading customizable sections)


The game was originally designed around certain colour coded sections but there are B&W versions below

that will adapt gameplay for those classrooms without access to a colour printer.


Preset Downloads

Customizable Downloads teenopoly downloads

Game Board (vector image) dTeenopoly Rules (.doc) B&W
dTeenopoly Money (.pdf) B&W dTeenopoly Chance Cards (.doc) Colour
downloadTeenopoly Rules (.pdf) B&W dTeenopoly Chance Cards (.doc ) B&W
dTeenopoly Chance Cards (.pdf) Colour dTeenopoly Banker Sheets (.pdf) B&W
dTeenopoly Chance Cards (.pdf) B&W dTeenopoly Banker Sheets (.doc) B&W
dHow to Make Origami Dice (.pdf) source dTeenopoly Game Board (11"x17" .doc) B&W
dOrigami Dice Template (.pdf) source dTeenopoly Game Board (11"x17".pdf) Tabloid Size
  dTeenopoly Game Board (8.5"x14".pdf) Legal Size



* B&W does not mean the print is in Black & White but merely denotes a print suitable for reproduction on a black and white copier or printer.

* Colour denotes a print that requires a colour printer and where gameplay is contingent on colour codes


(.pdf) is a standard from Adobe - download a free pdf reader here - a red .pdf indicates files with customizable text fields that can be edited.


(.doc) is designed to be opened with any version of Microsof Word from 1997-present and can be fully edited.