Teenopoly is a game designed to supplement grade 9-12 high school financial literacy curriculum, specifically geared towards those students who are starting-out in the work force. Teenagers of this age range are most in need of these financial literacy lessons as they are emerging into the work force and obtaining disposable income. Credit is being made available to younger people than ever and student loan debts are at an all-time high. Consumer debt in British Columbia has increased 95% since 2008 and students are graduating high school without the necessary financial literacy to avoid the pitfalls that many have encountered before them. There has never been a more crucial time then now to invest in more meaningful financial literacy curriculum in British Columbia.


There are aproximately 350,000 youth (ages 15-24) that are currently employed in the BC Workforce (source) which accounts for about 16% of British Columbia's total work force. These young people have spending power and need the education to help guide them towards a financially literate future.


Youth employment in BC is mainly focused in the following areas: (source)




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Fast Facts on BC debt & economics
  • Canadian consumer debt has increased 95% since 2008
    • 66% of BC teenagers stated that they are not comfortable talking about financial matters with their friends.
    • 13% of 16 to 18-year olds currently have credit cards in Canada
    • 85% of 19 to 22-year olds in Canada have credit cards
    • 22% of all youth age 16 - 22 with credit cards also are carrying a balance
    • 56% of Canadians do not possess an adequate level of financial literacy
    • Average student debt in BC upon graduation from post-secondary is $29,500
    • British Columbia is home to most indebted population in the country
    • Over the past 4 years there has been a 42% increase in bankruptcies in BC compared to an 11% increase nationally
    • Teenagers are a key target demographic for advertisers and marketing firms.
    • Approximately 350,000 youth (ages 15-24) are currently employed in the BC workforce